Throughout your therapy, you’ll work one-on-one with a full-time professional physical therapist – never in a group therapy class or gym setting. Our therapists create a treatment approach for you individually and adjust it to your rate of progress.

Our therapists are licensed physical therapists who are further educated in Functional Manual Therapy, a highly effective approach to physical therapy that saves time and money. This PT method works through joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, trigger point release, trigger point dry needling, neuromuscular retraining, and functional strengthening as well as traditional physical therapy techniques.

Read more about our physical therapists:

Lieke Buitink, PT, MPT

Carla Devenpeck, PT, DPT, CFMT, LMT

Nancy Hackett Harrison, MSPT, CFMT, FFMT, FAAOMPT

Talya Hyman, PT, DPT, ATC

Molly Saunders, PT, DPT,CFMT

Lena Schmidt, PT, DPT