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Pain during physical activity is not normal. In most cases, pain comes from injuries – some new, some from old injuries that are difficult to diagnose. At Functional Physical Therapy, we look for the cause of your pain and work with you to resolve it, often in half the time that traditional physical therapy requires.

Traditional PT tends to focus on the symptoms of an injury, using props to reduce them or compensating by strengthening muscles through weightlifting.

Functional Physical Therapy searches for the imbalances that cause pain by looking at the whole body, not just the part that hurts. Since the body is a tightly interconnected system, injuries cause changes that ripple through the whole body. Learning how the whole body has adjusted to injury reveals your roadmap to becoming pain-free once again.

With the pieces of your pain puzzle revealed, Functional Physical Therapy works to solve your pain in these phases:

1. Restore your natural alignment.
2. Retrain and strengthen your muscles to take advantage of correct alignment.
3. Apply your new strength and movement patterns to daily life and exercise.

Throughout your therapy, you’ll work one-on-one with a specially trained physical therapist – never in a group therapy class or gym setting. Our small therapy team will treat you at each visit so that your treatment is personal and adjusts to your rate of progress.

Our therapist is trained in Functional Manual Therapy™, a highly effective approach to physical therapy that saves time and money. This PT method blends hands-on treatments like joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and trigger point release with neuromuscular retraining and functional strengthening.  The end result is a quick return to pain-free performance in work, life, and play.

You shouldn’t be in pain. Start on the path to pain-free activity today with a simple call to Functional Physical Therapy at (303) 941-0664 or (303) 941-1768 for our Boulder office. Contact us.

(A doctor’s referral is not necessary to schedule an appointment with Functional Physical Therapy. )

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