Sports Therapy Treatments

Functional Physical Therapy has roots in Colorado’s sports community and offers therapy services that tailor to athletes. We work with injured athletes, but we know from experience that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. We work with healthy athletes to resolve nagging aches and pains before they blossom into more serious overuse injuries.

The Annual Alignment Physical
Endurance athletes train year-round, but most athletes scale back their training once a year to recharge. This off-season period is an ideal time to schedule an assessment of your functional alignment. Are you heading for an overuse injury? Did overtraining or a fall, muscle pull, or ankle sprain cause a long-term change in how you move? What injuries lie dormant under the surface? During your 1-hour visit, a therapist will measure the alignments relevant to your sport—foot, ankle, knee, hip, low back, shoulder—and watch for harmful movement patterns that can lead you down the path to injury. Since imbalances often cause overuse injuries later in the season, correcting imbalances with an Annual Alignment Physical can be an excellent way to innoculate your body from injury. High-volume athletes should consider more than one Alignment Physical per season.

The Functional Tune-Up
Injuries—especially old injuries—can be stubborn. Sometimes months after PT is over, a barely noticed tweak or stumble might nudge the body back into its old bad habits. Other times, the body simply requires a longer time frame for healing than the normal arc of physical therapy sessions. The Functional Tune-Up is a 30-minute appointment scheduled weeks or months after your final therapy session that will confirm your body has responded permanently to therapy. Should your therapist find a lingering problem, you’ll work together on a new, often abbreviated treatment plan.

Acute Injury Emergency Therapy
Sports are inherently risky, which is part of what makes them fun. Beginning physical therapy within 48 hours of an acute injury like a fall, muscle pull, collision, bruising, or ankle sprain can dramatically speed your recovery time. Get back to your sport more quickly by scheduling an Acute Injury Emergency visit as soon as possible after getting hurt.

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