Praise for Our Work

Carla is an amazing physical therapist! From our very first visit together, Carla has worked with me in a collaborative and holistic way. Over the past several months, she has proved to be consistently engaged, effective, and insightful, always oriented towards helping me achieve my optimal performance. One crucial area of performance for me is my work. My physical therapy practice frequently requires me to lift and transfer patients from beds to wheelchairs, to standing positions, etc., multiple times a day. Carla has worked with me on improving my “lifting mechanics” by focusing on the motor control aspect of aligning my body properly and engaging my “core” in the correct sequence. Her therapy has enabled me to perform lifting safely and efficiently which, of course, enables me to better serve my own patients.At each visit, Carla assesses my posture and movement patterns, pinpointing issues, areas of improvement, and areas for future improvement. Her analysis has helped me advance my fitness level and remain injury free in both my workouts and my job. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking responsibility for and bettering his or her health.    Rob Rapier,  Physical Therapist

“I am another patient who was told by a different physical therapist that I was not going to improve any more. I am an active 60 years old woman from Boulder who was not happy with that conclusion. Fortunately I found Nancy Hackett Harrison. I had a myriad of issues: arthritic knees, ski injuries, pelvic fracture, bike car accident (yes I was on the bike). I was back together but the parts clearly weren’t moving together as originally designed. Walking no longer felt like a natural movement. After seeing Nancy 2 times I am moving more naturally than I thought would ever again be possible.  I no longer need to worry how my knees will work when I rise from a chair, I no longer dread an auto trip of several hours, or a trip on a plane. I sleep better. Although I am not planning to make it a habit , I spontaneously run again. I am born again.”  Diane 

“Over the last month I have been working with Nancy Hackett Harrison at Functional Physical Therapy…to re-establish my body’s equilibrium. We have been taking a very non-conventional approach to my therapy, and I have noticed some huge improvements. Even if I weren’t battling back from my broken femur, the gains I have made in my short time with her would still be remarkable. I’m confident that every active person would benefit just the same.” – Craig Lewis, ProTour cyclist and 2-time U-23 National Champion, writing for NBC Sports

“Nancy is one of the best diagnostic clinicians I have ever met.  I had suffered with leg pain for over 9 years, trying one treatment after another, with no relief.  My symptoms progressed until I couldn’t walk for more than five minutes without extreme pain.  I was finally ready to consider surgery, believing that nothing could help.  I met with Nancy somewhat reluctantly, as I had been through the physical therapy process seven times.  I could tell immediately that Nancy was different.  She had an extremely thorough evaluation process, and began to unravel the cause of my leg pain.   My quality of life is drastically different thanks to Nancy, and I have successfully avoided surgery.  I can now walk 20 minutes without any pain.  I highly recommend Nancy to my friends, family and patients.  She is a very skilled therapist, with unique and effective treatment techniques.” – Starla Maier-Walford, Occupational Therapist

“I REALLY love the new custom orthotics in my new shoes!!  I never realized how badly I felt prior to seeing Nancy and her team.   After repeated stress fractures occurring every few months for years, I have now been exercising for 7 months painfree!  You are all awesome and I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for giving my busted up foot a new lease!!!”  –  Darren

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